Dubai has always been a tidbit that nobody can resist. This fact has been derived by taking into consideration the latest Dubai real estate trends and governmental support. Hence, buying a property in Dubai became a must for many nationalities. But who are these Dubai real estate investors who decided to become a part of Dubai’s life?

Before we jump into analyzing Dubai real estate investors, let’s understand what makes this city so attractive?


What are the benefits of Dubai real estate investments?

First of all, all of the processes, purchases, and transactions are controlled and monitored by the government (Dubai Land Department). This gives an additional sense of security to Dubai real estate investors as they are guaranteed that their money is in safe hands.

Secondly, no property tax makes it very easy and beneficial to purchase a property. No extra charges will be deducted from the investor, on a yearly or monthly basis later on.

What’s more, new governmental changes such as 5-, 10- years investor’s visa, long-term residency, and 100% freehold started attracting international investors to Dubai by providing numerous investment and business opportunities. So who wouldn’t prefer to invest in Dubai real estate?

Dubai real estate investors by nationalities.

UAE nationals (Emiratis) have been top Dubai real estate investors for many years. They invested AED 37.4 billion through 12,000 transactions during the year 2017, while Indians (the second largest group of investors) invested AED 20.4 billion. Taking into consideration other nationalities such as Jordanians, Egyptians, Saudis, etc. a total number of 217 nationalities invested AED 151 billion.

Market shift.

Due to the market shift towards more affordable properties and price reduction, Dubai real estate market became even more attractive for international investors. In addition, market changes started attracting “new” investors from China. The first 9 months of 2018 recorded a great number of transactions, which in turn shows Dubai’s real estate market growth and stabilization.


Dubai real estate investors.

Amongst the top 5 Dubai real estate investors, holding the number one spot were the UAE nationals. Emiratis invested AED 11.5 billion during the first 9 months of 2018. Indian investors were second and invested AED 10.8 billion in Dubai real estate. British investors spent AED 4.3 billion, Pakistanis AED 2.8 billion and Chinese investors invested AED 1.7 billion.

Saudis, once the main Dubai real estate investors, don’t appear in the top 5 investor’s list. The core reason being its weak value of oil which weighed badly on Saudi investors.

The economic and political situation in the world and in different countries, such as Brexit, the crisis in Turkey, trade war between USA and China determine future trends of investments and impact on businesses.

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